How can I make the transition to a new computer system straightforward and effortless?

Q: I have an old Laptop with Windows 8.1 that is starting off to present its age and I’d like to get some thing new. Considering the fact that I’m not the techiest man or woman in the environment, the assumed of placing up a new pc is causing me a bit of panic. I have a lot of bookmarks, courses and files that I would like to make guaranteed get moved over to the new Computer. Can you give me some advice on how to make the transition as easy and hassle-free as doable? I not too long ago listened to of a plan known as PCmover from Laplink program that statements to make transfers quick, but I’m not guaranteed it is worth the dollars or even if it will enable me out. What do you imagine?

— Mary Edwards

A: I have tried PCmover and it worked just as marketed. You install the program on both of those desktops, then pick what you want to transfer from the previous computer to the new laptop or computer. Subsequent you will specify how the computer systems are related: above a Wi-Fi or wired network, making use of a Laplink ethernet cable or a LapLink USB cable. Press a button and PCmover will acquire care of the rest.

There are a couple possible restrictions to be knowledgeable of. Some hardware drivers may perhaps not transfer and some applications may possibly call for reinstallation or provision of a code to activate on the new personal computer. And make positive the programs you want to transfer are compatible with the new operating process.

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As for irrespective of whether it’s really worth $59.95 to make the transfer just when, that is your get in touch with. It unquestionably saves time and the inconvenience of finding aged programs, discs, copying bookmarks, etc.

Q: I have Home windows 10 and operate Outlook for my email application. When I consider to download e-mails, transfer e-mail to several personalized folders, or check out and delete e-mails, I get this concept indicating that the Outlook knowledge file has achieved most measurement. It also suggests that the new Outlook data file launched with Outlook 2003 delivers bigger capacity.

This message pops up when I have only 128 e-mail in my account and there are 58 deleted emails sitting in the “delete/trash” folder. I would assume that I should really be in a position to keep additional than 128 e-mail in my account. If I clean out the “delete/trash” folder, in some cases that enables the system to obtain my new email messages. Or if I permanently delete all nonimportant e-mail, it gives me plenty of place for the new e-mails to obtain … in some cases.

I have tried to shift over most of my necessary e-mails into own folders, but there are continue to 128 suitable now that I am deciding on not to place into folders, as I have to offer with them in the upcoming pair of months. As you can see, this is all “clear as mud” in the two my being familiar with of computers and hoping to make clear it to you! Can you enable?

— Susan Beattie, Sequim

A: It would appear that Outlook’s information file is, as the software experiences, full and it simply cannot accept far more e-mails. And the Outlook information file does not consist of just your inbox. It also has all the emails you go to other individual folders. So going e-mail from your inbox to a personalized folder will not do anything at all to offer a lot more room.

Also, due to the fact the error information implies upgrading to Outlook 2003 it seems that you’re using a pretty outdated variation of the software. If you improve to the current edition, you are going to come across that you can keep a great deal far more info. If you really don’t want to invest for a more recent version you might want to look at trying the browser-dependent absolutely free model. You’ll come across that at