State Wellness Officer responds to conspiracy theories, threats by way of social media

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) – It is all lies, Dr. Dobbs suggests.

State Wellness Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs’ son does not work for Anthony Fauci.

And his son does not receive kickbacks each individual time he encourages COVID-19 vaccines.

“Imaginative, no doubt. But ALL LIES. I get zero $ from advertising and marketing vaccination,” he stated in a Tuesday afternoon Twitter put up.

Dobbs said he’s been given numerous threatening cellular phone calls and has been at the heart of a number of conspiracy theories, in part, by inquiring individuals to get vaccinated towards COVID-19.

Dobbs was the initial human being

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How Has Social Media Impacted Our Psychological Wellness?

Illustration: Benjamin Currie/Gizmodo

This week’s concern would seem to answer by itself: It is the scarce particular person who emerges from an hour’s scrolling experience healthier, rejuvenated, and far better-organized to get on the vicissitudes of the day. The general consensus amid the terminally online would seem to be to be that the web is a miserable spot just scarcely designed tolerable by the idiots and properly-that means naifs whose screw-ups at minimum present a little something to ridicule. But is there a scientific foundation for this generalized feeling? How has social media truly impacted psychological health, for every

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