Second Opinion: Why we should worry about Big Tech’s investment in a new brain technology

This July scientists reported using a neural implant in a man’s brain to restore his ability to communicate. The man, known as Pancho, has been partially paralyzed and unable to produce intelligible speech since suffering a severe stroke in 2003.

The new technology records Pancho’s brain activity with an array of electrodes, analyzes the activity to detect the words he is trying to say and then translates those intentions into written words that can be displayed on a computer screen. It is the latest advance in the exploding field of brain-computer interfaces, or BCIs. Similar systems have made headlines

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Inside the combat to reclaim AI from Large Tech’s handle

Amongst the world’s richest and most impressive businesses, Google, Fb, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple have manufactured AI core parts of their enterprise. Innovations more than the last decade, significantly in an AI procedure termed deep mastering, have authorized them to observe users’ habits advise information, information and facts, and products and solutions to them and most of all, goal them with ads. Final calendar year Google’s advertising equipment produced over $140 billion in earnings. Facebook’s created $84 billion.

The corporations have invested closely in the know-how that has introduced them these kinds of vast wealth. Google’s dad or mum company,

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