Laptop, internet, smartphone: what’s the future big technological epoch? | John Naughton

One of the troubles of creating about technological innovation is how to escape from what the sociologist Michael Mann memorably called “the sociology of the final 5 minutes”. This is primarily complicated when covering the electronic tech marketplace mainly because just one is constantly deluged with ‘new’ things – viral memes, shiny new items or services, Facebook scandals (a weekly staple), protection breaches etc. Modern months, for case in point, have introduced the industry’s enthusiasm for the concept of a “metaverse” (neatly dissected below by Alex Hern), El Salvador’s flirtation with bitcoin, countless stories about central banks and

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John McAfee essentially altered the way we concentrate on computer system viruses

John McAfee may be finest recognised for his erratic and eccentric personality, but his contributions to cybersecurity just can’t be missed. McAfee, who died by suicide in a Spanish prison on Wednesday in advance of a planned extradition to the U.S. to experience tax evasion costs, started the eponymous program enterprise that tens of millions around the globe count on to maintain their computers safe and sound.

The British-born McAfee, 75, worked in various work opportunities in the technological know-how sector together with a stint at NASA ahead of founding McAfee Associates in 1987 immediately after the very first known

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